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Feb. 10, 2014: Hop Rhizomes are now up for pre-order HERE!

Jan 1, 2014: Crop 2013 CHF Homepack hops are now available!

December 17, 2012: All pellets are now crop 2012, enjoy!

November 7, 2012: New crop hops are being pelleted and we are currently shipping new crop leaf hop!

August 28, 2012: Harvest is upon us! Because of your many requests we are also now offering fresh hop vines here 

June 19, 2012: New blog post here, check it out!








T-90 Pellet Hops:

T-90 hop pellets are the final product of whole leaf hops that have been processed through a series of size reduction and densification steps. First, the whole bale is carefully decompressed using a ‘bale-breaker’. The resulting loose leaf hops is sent to a hammer mill, which grinds the whole leaf hops into a powder that retains all of its natural vegetative and lupulin ingredients. Then, the powder is mixed equally in a large mixer and pressed through a pellet die (4mm-6mm diameter). After being pelletized, the product passes through a pellet shaker, which separates the usable pellets from hop dust and broken pellets, which are recycled in the system. The pellets are subsequently sent through a cooling tank that rapidly refrigerates the pellets to maintain optimum product integrity. Pellets have the advantage of compact storagability and significantly increased shelf life due to nitrogen-flushed packaging and a smaller surface area that can be oxidized. More importantly, there is close to a 15% increase in alpha acid utilization compared to whole leaf in the boil. For these reasons, T-90 hop pellets are increasingly popular within the craft brewing industry.

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