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Feb. 10, 2014: Hop Rhizomes are now up for pre-order HERE!

Jan 1, 2014: Crop 2013 CHF Homepack hops are now available!

December 17, 2012: All pellets are now crop 2012, enjoy!

November 7, 2012: New crop hops are being pelleted and we are currently shipping new crop leaf hop!

August 28, 2012: Harvest is upon us! Because of your many requests we are also now offering fresh hop vines here 

June 19, 2012: New blog post here, check it out!








Crosby Hop Farm’s Commitment to the Craft Brewer

A Salmon-Safe ® Certified Farm


Type 90 Hop Pellets

Leaf Hops

Green 'Wet' Hops

Hop Rhizomes

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   Our Philosophy

Core crop: Hops. The hop-centric culture at CHF creates a highly focused environment fully dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships with our brewing partners, both small and large.

Quality: For over 100 years, the Crosby Family has grown and processed hops in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, noted as one of the top aroma hop growing regions in the world. We take pride in the fact that we are big enough to compete, yet small enough to care. All Crosby hop yards are still managed personally by the Crosby Family, where quality, attention to detail, varietal integrity, and sustainable production are top priority.

Integrity: Clear communication, transparency, and fair dealings epitomize the core values of Crosby Hop Farm. We realize the long-term success of our business hinges on such ethics and values, as it has for the past five generations. Internally we pride ourselves on maintaining these core values now and into the future, and externally we know our customers value the difference.

Sustainability: Crosby Hop Farm has been implementing integrated pest management (IPM) practices into hop production for many years. We utilize leading research from both public (USDA) and private (certified crop consultants) researchers to design our IPM strategy from year to year.

Salmon Safe Certification: CHF is one of only a handful of Salmon Safe Certified hop farms in the U.S. We use formulations that protect our watershed and those creatures that inhabit it -- coupled with safe application strategies from our certified crop consultants. Our approach to farming is designed to protect both applicators and the environment. Read more at salmonsafe.org  

Traceability: All hops marketed by CHF are handled with the strictest food safety guidelines in mind. From the onset of the growing season all field activity is tracked and logged into our in-house database --information readily available for our customers. With boots on the ground, CHF has a firsthand perspective and real time data with respect to product usage, application timing, pre-harvest intervals, and optimum harvest timing.

Recycling: All recyclables are collected weekly at CHF and distributed to local dispensaries.

Cover crops: Cover crops are planted annually to help reduce air pollutants (dust) and insect pressure in the hop yards, in addition to creating natural forms of fertilizer and soil nutrients.

Composting: Our farm generates the majority of its own nutrients for hop production each year through our annual natural composting program. All compostable waste is collected year around (including hop vines/leaves/stems) and processed over a 36 month composting period. This timeline ensures that any and all latent diseases in the compost (mildew, mold, etc.) are sufficiently eradicated. The result is a pure, consistent, and natural product. Not only does composting reduce our annual commercial fertilizer use, it also contributes a vast amount of organic matter to the soil.



Farm Level Processing: Marketing direct to brewers requires a high level of attention to detail, quality, sanitation, and consistency. Consequently, CHF has made the necessary investments in leading technologies of hop processing equipment that most effectively process our crop in a clean, gentle, and consistent fashion.

Picking: All hops are methodically harvested utilizing our Dauenhauer hop-picking machine. This harvester uses gentle picking fingers to harvest hop cones, and a series of fans coupled with dribble belts to clean and sort the hops. CHF consistently picks 0% leaf and stem hop lots.

Drying: All hops are carefully transferred to our five-kiln natural gas powered hop dryer. Here the hops are dried at low temperatures, where quality versus speed is emphasized. All hops are dried to target moisture of ~9% utilizing leading hop moisture testing technology – which allows for consistent hop drying season long. The drying process is critical for optimum retention of essential hop oils and aromas, as over drying or over heating the hops can adversely affect natural hop character. Here at CHF we see this process as an art as much as a science and have perfected this time-honored craft over five generations.

Baling: All Crosby hops are baled in standard 200 lb. U.S. bales. Our baling cycle is fully computerized, which leaves no room for operator error in making a bale (ex: over-compression, over-weight, under-weight, etc.) Over compressing a bale is potentially damaging to the hops’ lupulin glands, which ultimately contribute the hop aroma and character you expect.

Pelleting: In our continual pursuit of quality over quantity, we have designed a product with the optimum balance of efficiency you expect from a pellet and the artisanal value of whole cone hops. These lower compression Type 90 Hop Pellets are the result of a much slower, gentler process that greatly reduces friction, leading to extremely low processing temperatures and the highest quality hop pellets that retain their whole hop complexity, boldness, and character.

Packaging: All hops at CHF are packaged in heavy-duty Mylar utilizing our MTEK CORR-VAC, which provides one of the highest quality food grade vacuum sealing solutions on the market. Our packs are carefully filled and weighed according to industry standard specifications, in both a soft and hard pack (customer preference), with a double-nitrogen flush for optimum shelf life.

Cold Storage: Immediately following packaging all hops are transferred to either our cold storage on the farm or off-site cold storage where all products are stored at 26F.

Craft and Specialty Brewing Sales:

Blake Crosby

Brian Crosby

Beau Evers


CHF Sales Office: 503.982.5166