How to get your car out of a ditch

Motor oil and rain makes the roads slippery. Reckless driving, bad tires, low tire pressure and other adverse weather conditions can result in the same. There are numerous reasons why a car would end up in a ditch. You do not have to worry however if your car got into a ditch and you are not injured. There are some options to help you protect your car, ensure that you are safe and get back to the road. Read on to learn more about what should be done to get your car out of a ditch.

How to get your car out of a ditch

Your safety

Ensuring that you and your passengers are safe after driving into a ditch is the first thing you must do. This should be done by putting hazards lights on and turning the ignition off. Secondly, put your parking brake on to prevent further sliding. Contact the police immediately if you are on a dangerous highway or a high traffic area. They will help block traffic.

Adjust your cars weight

You might be in a position to drive the car out of the ditch if it is not damaged. You will achieve this by adjusting the car’s weight. Remove any heavy items from the trunk or back seat for a while. Passengers are on this list. Make sure that they are safe and away from the road. Light loads can help you in your way out. Remember to remove the parking brakes. If you happen to be stuck in mud or snow, extra weight will be needed to gain traction.

Get some traction

The vehicle is stuck because it lacks traction to hold the ground and propel itself out. To solve the problem, you need to achieve traction. Place something that will provide traction on the front or rear tires depending on your car type of drive. You can use items such as clothes, sand, mats, and blankets.


If you do not succeed after a few attempts, relax and call the professionals for help. A towing company or local roadside assistance will be of great help. They will arrive armed with the right equipment’s to pull your car out of the ditch. The companies above operate around the clock and will reach your location quickly because they are dispatched from the roads. Reputable and experienced towing companies’ charges are fair as well.