Merits of using DAB over radio for your car

The digital audio broadcasting commonly referred to as DAB has been in existence since the early nineties. It has since become useful in most car audio systems and has gained popularity all over the world. DAB is slowly but surely outfacing the use of radios in cars. If you have a dab car adapter, you can enjoy its many benefits. Here are some of the merits of DAB over a radio that has seen it become popular.

Gives quality sound with CD


As compared to FM/AM broadcasting DAB offers a high quality of sound. This is because there are no other external sources that will interfere with DAB. It also has a unique capability of serving mobile audience hence providing coverage of the highest quality wherever and whenever you need it.

Spectrum efficiency

Another key advantage of using DAB for your car is its spectrum efficiency. This means that it is possible to increase the initial number of stations. DAB serves a minimum of three as compared to FM radio without the waves getting congested. This method is considered effective as it can carry more radio programs and not degrade the existing services or change the receivers.

Active echoes

DAB can constructively add passive echoes so that direct signals are received. It also can make use of active echoes so that there is no delay between your transmitters in a specific location also known as single frequency network. Gap fillers in DAB receive signals from your main transmitter then transmits them back at the same frequency. With FM when traveling, the driver needs to tune the receiver when moving from one transmitter signal to the next. DAB, however, eliminates this issue by using the SFN and gap filing techniques. And this is what you would like for your car.

Ideal bit rate

The DAB system is usually dynamically reconfigurable and flexible. It can also accommodate a wide range of bit rates between 8Kbps and 384Kbps with channel protection mechanism. The quality of transmission is proportional to the range of bit rate.

Data transfer

A DAB system can transmit a wide variety of independent data services and programs, and this makes it a top choice. All the data services are transmitted from the outset and signals are received by receivers of the system. Some data receivers then receive the encoded DAB signals within the notebook or desktop computer.

Smooth reception

autoreceptionWith FM you have to install a very good outdoor antenna. Most listeners today use mobile receivers with just a simple whip antenna making FM reception substandard. This is caused by loss of signal due to internal reflections within a building. DAB has great reception even at the worst places. Shadowing which blocks signal with mobile receivers is not an issue with DAB systems.

These are the reasons why you should choose to install a DAB system for your car to enjoy good audio listening.