Leather Furniture Care

leather care

Leather requires regular care to look its best. It is a natural and breathable material that changes over time. Apart from cleaning your leather furniture like a pro, there are some other tips that go in taking care of your furniture to get a lifetime look. Here are some leather furniture care tips:

Wipe Regularly

Leather is a very sensitive fabric that has to be handled with care. It should be cleaned regularly let’s say once your weekly routine. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe off dust. When cleaning stubborn dust, use distilled water or dampen the cloth but don’t let it do soak.

Never use an abrasive brush or scrubber as this can scratch your furniture. If anything spills onto the leather, clean or as soon as possible. Use a sponge or dry cloth to absorb most of the spilled liquid. Be careful not to wipe the spill to avoid spreading further. Dry the leather thoroughly using a dry cloth to prevent mildew, for proper drying leave the spot overnight.

Keep Objects off Leather Furniture

Cats, dogs, and other sharp objects should be kept away from leather furniture to avoid scratching. Train your pets to stay off the sofa, it’s better to pay for a pet trainer than risk the damage and repair of leather furniture.

Keep away objects such as scissors, knives, belt buckles, or watch straps to prevent unsightly scratches. In case of scratches and chewing, call professional help from a sofa repair company. They will offer expert repair and give tips for maintaining your furniture from time to time.

leather furniture

Store Leather Furniture Carefully

Leather is made of animal skin, taking care of it should be the same way as you take care of your skin. Leather furniture should not be placed under an air condition vent, in direct sunlight, close to a heater or fireplace. These can cause the leather to dry out and eventually start to crack or fade.

Depending on the location of your furniture, it is okay if the sunlight hits the furniture but does not allow long-term exposure. When putting away leather furniture into a storage unit, first get it cleaned and thoroughly dried. Do not wrap leather furniture in plastic, it needs to breathe. To keep the furniture off the ground, always place them on top of wooden pallets.

Always read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Manufacturers always have information about specific care and suggestions for your leather furniture. The instructions vary depending on the quality of the leather. Some manufacturers provide products that are designed to be used on the furniture such as cleaning agents.

Always ask your distributor if there is any specific product made for your furniture and make a point of buying it. Knowing the manufacturer’s label is important to determine if the leather has been treated in a specific way that would be affected by not cleaning it correctly.