House Care Tips for Busy Moms

busy moms cleaning

Being a busy mom and trying to keep the house clean and organized can be next to impossible. You just need to learn how to do things quickly and in the easiest way possible.

The good thing about having kids is that it is a season of life and it won’t stay that way forever. Your kids will grow up and before you know it your house will be clean and organized.

Involve the Kids

You should involve your kids if they are old enough to do certain chores. Start by delegating easy tasks such as wiping the shelves, emptying the dustbins, collecting the toys, making the bed, etc. Ensure that you come with criteria to allocate duties to your kids. Let everyone know which tasks they are responsible for.

You can also ask each member of the family to choose a task which they are comfortable doing. For example, if one of your kids likes reading, he or she can help the others with their assignments. Having the children help out will teach them the value of responsibility and hard work.

Choose a Day for General Cleaning

As a busy mom, it might be difficult to do thorough cleaning daily that is why it is important to set a specific day to do a major cleaning. Clean the house when you have extra hours. Cleaning will be much better if you dedicate time to do it. The whole cleaning goes room by room, closet by closet clearing items that you don’t need until you feel everything is under control.

Keep everything that you need close at hand and use things that work. Clean out the closet arranging clothes one by one, clean the rugs and carpets, wipe down the windows, clean the dishwasher and wipe the utensils. Dedicate time to tidy up the compound like cleaning the veranda, balcony, watering the plants, sweeping the driveway, etc.

Spread Your Tasks

Doing everything at the same time can be tiring and overwhelming. Spread your cleaning tasks so that you do them on different days. Break the tasks such as cleaning the bathrooms and floors on one day and focus on laundry the other day.

Spend at least 15 minutes to one hour each day cleaning. Figure out the tasks you need to prioritize first and leave everything else. Remember that your family comes first, squeeze in time for them.

cleaning tips for moms

Create a Routine

Routines are important for busy moms, create a schedule that will work for you. Having a morning routine will help you through the day for example prayer and devotion, shower and get dressed, make the bed, eat breakfast, load the dishwasher and do laundry. Figure out how your weekly schedule looks like and create evening routines for each day of the week.

Make sure you have a meal waiting for your kids immediately after school. Give your children instructions on things to do in the evening to make things easier for you. They should make their rooms tidy before bed as well as make their beds in the morning. Every night before going to bed, prep for the next day.

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