Tips on Taking Care of Wooden Floors

cleaning wood floors

All wooden floors should be taken care of if you want them to last long. Follow the particular cleaning protocols to prevent damage to the surface. Know the signs, wood reacts to temperature and humidity therefore it is important to understand the environment that surrounds the floor. Here are tips on taking care of wooden floors:

Clean Spills Immediately

wood floors cleaningWhen liquid spills on a wooden floor, it can swell and shrink depending on the moisture. The best way is to dry the spill immediately to keep humidity levels down to avoid gapping of the wood, splurging, and cupping. Always keep the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees or between 30-50% humidity.

Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to wipe off the liquid, avoid a wet mop as it can cause more damage. Do not use regular household cleaning products such as ammonia to clean up a spill. For sticky spills, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean but dry the surface using a microfiber pad.


Refinish the Surface after Few Years

A wooden floor will require a maintenance coat reapplies after few years especially the floor that has a polyurethane finish. The floor will lose its shine after several years of routine cleaning. Foot traffic oven causes the floor to lose its finish. You might want to contact a professional if you’ve never done it before.

Consider sanding your floor then refinish if it has deep scratches, discoloration, visible gouges, and other severe damages. Some wooden floors can only be sanded once, hence you might have difficulty re-sanding. Polish your floor after two to three months to maintain the smooth surface finish. Polishing regularly can renew the appearance and buff away microscopic scratches.

Follow a Regular Cleaning Routine

It is important to create a regular cleaning routine and stick to it. Clean every day with a microfiber cloth and vacuum weekly with a soft-bristled flour brush attachment. Microfiber cloth or mop is more effective compared to brooms which can scratch the floor surface with their bristles.

Make sure you lift the mop completely off the floor to trap the dirt on the pad. You can vacuum the floor after using a microfiber pad but use it with caution to avoid damaging the floor with the wheels. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner it will help you remove stubborn dirt that might be missed out when using a mop.

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Know the Right Cleaning Products

Different floor finishes require different treatments. Manufacturers recommend particular products for cleaning your floor. This means that the specific products are safe. Harsh cleaning products can damage the floor over time.

Use products that are only designed for wooden floors, nor anything that promises to polish or shine the wood floor. Use specific soap to help make your oil-finished wooden floor look clean. Check the ingredients in the cleaning products, the PH value in some might be high and can discolor the wood. Excessive use of soap can leave footprints if not rinsed properly.

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